Tha Playmaka uses rhymes to fight woman abuse

Pietermaritzburg hip hop artist Tha Playmaka, real name Brian Khoza, has been writing a book in full view of his social network friends all year. The working title of the poetry book is “Letters to Sisters” and he writes a simple poem weekly that takes anything from five minutes to an hour on his blog and publishes it in time for Friday, now known as Tha Playmaka Poetry Fridays.

In an effort to support the fight against woman abuse, he recalls different types of relationships with women including romantic, platonic and professional, to show that not all inter-gender relationships need be sexual. Some of them are definitely about unpleasant situations that are either his fault or theirs, so there is reflection on how the conflicts were resolved, but none involved physical violence.

In his Weekend Witness column called Loud Thoughts with Brian Khoza, he referred to himself as a trained misogynist, but the concept was inspired his by rap album PMB POISON: Personal Moral Regeneration, which confronts the same issues.

Catch Tha Playmaka live on Saturday, 16 June in Imbali 13, E-Woods Deck also known as Emaplangweni. Follow @thaplaymaka or like Tha Playmaka on facebook for more information.